This site was created to collect together published scientific publications relating to the nature of Dowsing. The focus is mainly on experimental investigations, but it also includes articles which it is felt may be of interest. Also included ae a number of reviews of, and extracts from, a small selection of dowsing related books.

The starting point for the site was George Hansen's article "Dowsing: A review of experimental work", see :

This is a comprehensive review of the subject, by a respected parapsychology researcher, which is cited widely on the web. It includes a comprehensive reference list, but without access to specialist libraries, it is not an easy matter to study the articles referred to. Therefore I decided to bring together many of the articles here, so that readers could download the articles. Many of these books are now difficult to obtain, but I believe that their content is very valuable.

Since Hansen's article, to my knowledge, there has not been a significant quantity of additional publications relating to experimental work, but this is not to say that there has not very been important additions. I have attempted to capture some of these in this site as well. Increasingly, Dowsing related articles are hosted on the web. Much of this is non-reviewed rhetorical comment, in contrast to papers published in scientific journals. However I believe some may be of interest and have been included here.

The development of this site is on-going and a blog has recently been added to the site. The aim of this is to introduce selected writings by dowsers, illustrating the various ways that dowsing is and has been practiced.

Note that some references are present without an associated download file. Finally, please excuse any mistakes and omissions and note that the articles on this, not for profit site, are offered for research purposes only.


Last updated 17/06/2020

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